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Jamie Sanchez

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Self Care Ideas

When you’re overwhelmed, find some ideas on how to unwind. I designed, wrote, and built this microsite in one day to…

Indie City Co-op

Branding and web development for local indie game dev co-working space.

Project Labyrinthium

Logo and splash page for upcoming game by the Men Who Wear Many Hats.

The Men Who Wear Many Hats

Logo, branding, WordPress development for local indie game studio.


Diversity initiatives are crucial to Chicago’s indie game success, so I am proud to have co-founded Voxelles with an amazing…


I’m the founder and president of Chicago’s largest non-profit anime club. We host 8 meetups each month for over 800 members…

Bit Bash Logo

Chicago’s Alternative Videogames Festival showcases and international collection of lesser-known but culturally significant video games.

Chicago Makes Games

A simple calendar and resource page for Chicago-area indie developers. WordPress on the backend makes updating simple and painless.

CTA Bingo

A joke that went out of hand. My best friend and I are to blame for this silly thing.