Welcome to my work in progress! Check back to see the design updated and bugs fixed by July 2022.

Jamie Sanchez
I'm Jamie Sanchez, a digital marketing consultant, WordPress expert, graphic designer, and community builder in Chicago.

Selected Initiatives


I took the full-time plunge as a digital marketing consultant in Oct 2014. I serve nonprofits, communities, and indie game developers…


I’m the founder and president of Chicago’s largest non-profit anime club. We host 8 meetups each month for over 800 members…

The Bebop Beat

I’m currently co-hosting and producing a Cowboy Bebop rewatch podcast with my friend Lauren! Join us each week for episode…

Bit Bash Organization

Starting in Spring 2014, a dozen people have been organizing regular indie videogame parties here in Chicago. I’m one of…

Chicago Makes Games

A simple calendar and resource page for Chicago-area indie developers. WordPress on the backend makes updating simple and painless.

Indie Boothcraft

Many people don’t understand the effort it takes to market a game, let alone book, build, and run an exhibition…

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