Jamie Sanchez
I'm Jamie Sanchez, a full-time creative consultant, WordPress developer, and community builder in Chicago.

Newly Launched

Bit Bash Presents Filthy Pixels

What. A. Blast. This entire theme identity was a riot. We got a little loud with the writing at times,…

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AnimeChicago Rebrand

Full branding and logo overhaul for AnimeChicago’s 10th anniversary.

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Self Care Ideas

When you’re overwhelmed, find some ideas on how to unwind. I designed, wrote, and built this microsite in one day to…

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Ongoing Work


I transitioned to full-time consulting in Fall of 2014 for small businesses and large companies looking to optimize their WordPress websites. It’s…

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When I heard Skillcrush was seeking a remote, part-time WordPress mentor, I got really excited! I find teaching extremely fulfilling but didn’t have the headspace…

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I’m the founder and president of Chicago’s largest non-profit anime club. We host 8 meetups each month for over 800 members…

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Bit Bash

Starting in Spring 2014, a dozen people have been organizing regular indie videogame parties here in Chicago. I’m one of…

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Chicago Makes Games

A simple calendar and resource page for Chicago-area indie developers. WordPress on the backend makes updating simple and painless.

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Indie Boothcraft

Many people don’t understand the effort it takes to market a game, let alone book, build, and run an exhibition…

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