Bit Bash Presents: Filthy Pixels




Bit Bash was back in Winter 2017 to warmly welcome our Train Jam guests to Chicago. We took over Bottom Lounge’s music venue, mounted projector screens on empty walls, and more games in all the green rooms. This event was our most substantial Bit Bash Presents to-date.

This event identity was a riot. I was responsible for all the visuals, emails, and signage as usual. We got a little loud with the writing at times, but it successfully reinforced the vibe we wanted. This event fit perfectly at-home in the Bottom Lounge. We somehow encapsulated all the fatigue we had from current events, flipping it into a positive force for our game dev community.

Vinyl banner and volunteer shirt hanging out near the audio booth
Grayscale flyer for volunteers to print and post
Color system
Hand-lettered signage in standing frames
Asset for social media channels