Ramona from Scott Pilgrim





Full costume inspired by the comic, Scott Pilgrim.

Having regained a figure once lost, I wanted to splurge on a costume to flaunt it. But the only relatable personality I knew of required an exorbitant budget. Then a friend lent me Scott Pilgrim, the six volume comic co-starring the fickle love interest, Ramona Flowers. Her vibrant hair, wild wardrobe, and seven evil exes… yeah, I was ready to take on this costume. But how does one elevate street clothes to something more memorable? And can I exceed the accuracy of movie Ramona?

Forget the movie. Ramona is extreme! Jacket, hoodie, shorts, tights, belts and shoes were tracked down at Ragstock and Belmont Army Surplus. The wig was re-purposed from a retired costume, cropped short to achieve that messy look without any product or glue. Many were fooled. I didn’t have the heart to tell the elderly lady who stopped me on the street for a picture that it was just a wig! The lovely, durable bag comes from NeedleGeek86. Ramona’s trusty hammer was made from scratch using a wooden dowel, Styrofoam blocks and two pounds of papier-mâché to replicate a heavy stone texture. Overall, I’m really proud of the results.