• The Bebop Beat

    The Bebop Beat

    I created a 50-episode Cowboy Bebop rewatch podcast with my friend Lauren! We dissected every episode, interviewed some high-profile guests, and critiqued the best and worst of Netflix’s live-action adaptation. Pretty sure this was all just a fever dream.

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  • Bit Bash Presents: Fabricade

    Bit Bash Presents: Fabricade

    In Fall 2018, we opted for a smaller “Bit Bash Presents” event in lieu of our huge festival due to…

  • Kowai Nite Cosplay Fest

    Kowai Nite Cosplay Fest

    AnimeChicago co-hosted a Halloween shindig in 2017. Cosplayers, gamers, and party people came together to benefit the JASC. We had…

  • Progression Mechanics

    Progression Mechanics

    Event organizers from Progression Mechanics approached me to design an identity system for their new two-day conference. They needed an…

  • Bit Bash Presents: Filthy Pixels

    Bit Bash Presents: Filthy Pixels

    Bit Bash was back in Winter 2017 to warmly welcome our Train Jam guests to Chicago. We took over Bottom…

  • Bit Bash 2017

    Bit Bash 2017

    Another Bit Bash! We were all on-board for the camp aesthetic months ago, and we finally made it happen! We…

  • Cool Stuff in Japan Microsite

    Cool Stuff in Japan Microsite

    Many friends took advantage of unusually low airfare to Tokyo this year, so I put together a one-page resource of my best tips and points of interest for them. This two-day side project will hopefully save everyone a lot of time!

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  • Skillcrush


    When I heard Skillcrush was seeking a remote, part-time WordPress mentor, I got really excited! I find teaching extremely fulfilling but didn’t have the headspace…

  • AnimeChicago Rebrand

    AnimeChicago Rebrand

    Full branding and logo overhaul for AnimeChicago’s 10th anniversary.

  • Disbelief


    Rebranding initiative for game studio formerly known as CodeBeast.

  • Self Care Ideas

    Self Care Ideas

    When you’re overwhelmed, find some ideas on how to unwind. I designed, wrote, and built this microsite in one day to share with friends who needed a break.

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  • Project Labyrinthium

    Project Labyrinthium

    Logo and splash page for upcoming game by the Men Who Wear Many Hats.

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