Bit Bash





Starting in Spring 2014, a dozen people have been organizing regular indie videogame parties here in Chicago. I’m one of those people on the planning committee, and I couldn’t be prouder of what Bit Bash has become since those early days.

We host one large 1000+ attendee event every summer, and a couple of ancillary 450+ parties to keep the energy going in the dead of winter. We partner with established Chicago institutions such as Chicago Public Library, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the National Museum of Mexican Art to bring indie games to audiences of all kinds. Bit Bash has a 100+ volunteer force that’s unlike I’ve ever seen before. They’re some of the most passionate, real humans and they believe in our mission strongly.

I’m the visual designer on the committee, supporting everything from the logo design, brand standards management, website design, print materials, social media assets, and most importantly, email design and production. It’s a lot of hours but easily one of my favorite things to do twice a year.