Back to the Blogosphere




Never in a million years did I plan to revive my blog. Here we are. Social media implosions aside, 2023 seemed like a proper deadline to incorporate WordPress 6.1 with a fresh coat of paint.

“But why?!” Future Me shouts. “This can’t possibly spark joy!” Well…

  1. Owning my online identity and expanding outside the ultrawealthy’s silos is the wise thing to do. I’m launching a newsletter for my business next year, and I hope to kickstart some traffic with free guides and zines.
  2. The Indie Web is my web. There’s something special about expressing yourself through the style of your personal website. That pang of envy when visiting a lovely Digital Garden confirms my need to think, write, design, and code again.
  3. I’ve stagnated as a writer and storyteller. Honing these skills means posting some half-baked thoughts. Vulnerability – ugh! But I gotta harness that 3am LiveJournal energy and share something longer than 280 characters to level up.
  4. It’s time to fully merge my personal and business identities. I’m a colossal weeb, casual gamer, and nerdy organizer. Separating that part of me from the clients and collaborators I work with is exhausting and probably limiting my biggest strengths.
  5. WordPress is fun again! I wanted an excuse to fiddle with features, layouts, and optimization in a low-risk environment. (Added 7/7/23)
  6. After exporting my Twitter data, I realized my best ideas posted with little consideration deserved a second look and a permanent home. (Added 7/7/23)
  7. That gremlin is obsessed with the letter X. (Added 7/26/23)

I make no guarantees on the frequency and quality of future posts, but they’ll serve as stepping stones for the above goals. Enjoy this site in its transitional state until we ring in a new year!