Video Games

  • Indie City Co-op

    Indie City Co-op

    Branding and web development for local indie game dev co-working space.

  • Project Labyrinthium

    Project Labyrinthium

    Logo and splash page for upcoming game by the Men Who Wear Many Hats.

  • The Men Who Wear Many Hats

    The Men Who Wear Many Hats

    Logo, branding, WordPress development for local indie game studio.

  • Bit Bash Logo

    Bit Bash Logo

    Chicago’s Alternative Videogames Festival showcases and international collection of lesser-known but culturally significant video games.

  • Chicago Makes Games

    Chicago Makes Games

    A simple calendar and resource page for Chicago-area indie developers. WordPress on the backend makes updating simple and painless.

  • VGA Gallery

    VGA Gallery

    I have officially joined the board for VGA Gallery, a non-profit focused on the education and sale of video game…

  • Ride Jumper

    Ride Jumper

    A silly, simplistic physics momentum game made for the 2015 Train Jam. Many thanks to teammates Tom Eastman and Kevin…

  • Indie Boothcraft

    Indie Boothcraft

    Many people don’t understand the effort it takes to market a game, let alone book, build, and run an exhibition…

  • Train Jam Website

    Train Jam Website

    Full-featured WordPress website for Indie Train Jam. Includes custom fields for streamlined homepage updates, automated games archive, announcement section, and…

  • Corgi Simulator 2071

    Corgi Simulator 2071

    This is a full motion video game created for the Space Cowboy Game Jam. You play as Ein, a data…

  • Off the Grid

    Off the Grid

    My first game jam game. Created on the inaugural Train Jam adventure with Ryan Wiemeyer, David Laskey, and Chris Wade.