Interface Design

  • Progression Mechanics

    Progression Mechanics

    Event organizers from Progression Mechanics approached me to design an identity system for their new two-day conference. They needed an…

  • Cool Stuff in Japan Microsite

    Cool Stuff in Japan Microsite

    Many friends took advantage of unusually low airfare to Tokyo this year, so I put together a one-page resource of my best tips…

  • Curiouser


    I took the full-time plunge as a digital marketing consultant in Oct 2014. I serve nonprofits, communities, and indie game developers…

  • AnimeChicago Rebrand

    AnimeChicago Rebrand

    Full branding and logo overhaul for AnimeChicago’s 10th anniversary.

  • Self Care Ideas

    Self Care Ideas

    When you’re overwhelmed, find some ideas on how to unwind. I designed, wrote, and built this microsite in one day to…

  • Indie City Co-op

    Indie City Co-op

    Branding and web development for local indie game dev co-working space.

  • The Men Who Wear Many Hats

    The Men Who Wear Many Hats

    Logo, branding, WordPress development for local indie game studio.

  • Chicago Makes Games

    Chicago Makes Games

    A simple calendar and resource page for Chicago-area indie developers. WordPress on the backend makes updating simple and painless.

  • CTA Bingo

    CTA Bingo

    A joke that went out of hand. My best friend and I are to blame for this silly thing.

  • Ride Jumper

    Ride Jumper

    A silly, simplistic physics momentum game made for the 2015 Train Jam. Many thanks to teammates Tom Eastman and Kevin…

  • Indie Boothcraft

    Indie Boothcraft

    Many people don’t understand the effort it takes to market a game, let alone book, build, and run an exhibition…