A search for a simple treasure chest turns into an afternoon of painting.

Ryan’s been rambling about the need for a box. Not just any box. Something to contain a number of toy puzzles he collects. At the time, they were free to roam around his desk unchecked, and often shanghaied by coworkers. “And I want it to be a treasure chest so it needs to look like one and fit all these things and close properly with a latch but the one’s out there are either way too big or not big enough or don’t look like chests and ones online… they’re expennnnnnnsive.”


“Then why don’t you craft one?” I asked, and thus my imminent participation. The search started and ended at Michaels wood crafting aisle. We weren’t expecting to find one, let alone the several unfinished treasure chests this store happened to carry. He chose a suitable size and I picked out a satin varnish to get that waterlogged sheen. The most difficult task was taking the acrylics available in my supplies and finding just the right texture. Ryan was thrilled.