Jamie Sanchez

Identity Design


Diversity initiatives are crucial to Chicago’s indie game success, so I am proud to have co-founded Voxelles with an amazing…

Bit Bash Logo

Chicago’s Alternative Videogames Festival showcases and international collection of lesser-known but culturally significant video games.


Cheeky logo for a friend’s annual party: Queer-B-Cue!

Corgi Simulator 2071

This is a full motion video game created for the Space Cowboy Game Jam. You play as Ein, a data…

Off the Grid

My first game jam game. Created on the inaugural Train Jam adventure with Ryan Wiemeyer, David Laskey, and Chris Wade.

Wizards & Warp Drives

A conceptual logo for a never-released game.

Arc Impulse Logo

Local band Arc Impulse asked for a retro logo inspired by arcade machines of the 80s.