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Jamie Sanchez

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I’m a graphic designer and web developer obsessed with community and usability. I’m also the founder of AnimeChicago, Indie City Collective supporter, WordPress guru, and craft beer enthusiast.

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Twitter: spacedragon

Identity Overhaul

I’ve been playing with my visual identity for a year. Here’s some insight on design decisions and how the website is taking shape.

Indie City Co-op

Branding and web development for local indie game dev co-working space.

Sinister Design

WordPress theme design and web development for an independent game developer in Chicago.

Erica Finds

WordPress development and on-going maintenance for local fitness blogger.

Organ Trail Director’s Cut

Web design and development of landing page for retro zombie survival game.

Das Haus Tour

UX, IA, Design and WordPress MultiSite installation and development.

The Buckingham Chicago

UX, Wireframes, Design and coordination with vendor development team.

Holabird & Root

UX, IA, Design and responsive programming for mobile applications.

Tracy Adduci Salon

Branding, Design and WordPress theme development.

Surjan Dental

Front and back-end development on WordPress for local dentist.