Jamie Sanchez

Twitter: spacedragon

Workflow 2015

I’ve finally figured out my workflows after three months in the freelance game. Here’s what works for me and some things to consider when using these tools.

Resolutions for 2015

That annual tradition where we pretend to change ourselves for the better… actually works for me. Here’s what I’m striving for this year.

2014: The Year of Crazy

I can’t fully articulate how insane this year has been. Crazy in a million manic ways. Crazy with sweeping life changes that alter routines, habits, social circles, romance, opportunities, all that jazz.

Going Indie

Okay, maybe “indie” is a bit of a misnomer. But no other word captures the spirit of life’s current direction.

About SpaceDragon

My teenage years were stupid. Yours were, too, right? Those are years when you do dumb things to figure out the world and your place in it.

Corgi Simulator 2071: Promo

Corgi Simulator 2071

This is a full motion video game created for the Space Cowboy Game Jam. You play as Ein, a data dog who’s been kidnapped by two smugglers. Your goal is to manipulate these humans into leaving their computers unattended so you can hack your way back to the Bebop.

My career is dependent on True Net Neutrality

I recently sent this email to the FCC. They’re asking for the general public to weigh-in on the current state of Net Neutrality, which is hardly a viable solution. This issue is very important to me. If you’re a US citizen, it should be important to you as well.

Identity Overhaul

I’ve been playing with my visual identity for a year. Here’s some insight on design decisions and how the website is taking shape.

Indie City Co-op

Indie City Co-op

Branding and web development for local indie game dev co-working space.


Sinister Design

WordPress theme design and web development for an independent game developer in Chicago.

Erica Finds

Erica Finds

WordPress development and on-going maintenance for local fitness blogger.


Das Haus Tour

UX, IA, Design and WordPress MultiSite installation and development.


Holabird & Root

UX, IA, Design and responsive programming for mobile applications.

Surjan Dental

Surjan Dental

Front and back-end development on WordPress for local dentist.

Treasure Chest Close Up

Puzzle Chest

A search for a simple treasure chest turns into an afternoon of painting.

Pantone Mosaic

Pantone Mosaic

A handcrafted mosaic riddled with imperfections, contrasting the precision of the color matching industry.

Finding My Voice

For nearly ten years, my personal domain facilitated experimentation and self-study. It constantly morphed into the next big thing or an expression of personality traits I embraced momentarily or as a sandbox picked apart by a curious mind. This is how my online identity emerged.